Inno-Bev Ltd.  (Israel)

InnoBev Ltd. is an Israeli Food-tech company with its core innovation and specialization based on a multidisciplinary R&D approach, combining food-tech expertise with deep chronobiology science. Engaged in scientific cooperation with scientific and medical institutions (Rambam Medical Center, the Technion, the Weizmann Institute) of Science, Inno-Bev specializes in the development of functional foods and beverages that address chronobiology, including clinically tested WakeUp Post Lunch Waker® (a 100 ml natural daily-dose beverage)  and Rhythm Bio-Waker® (a functional natural 330 ml beverage).





Brenner pharma/food responsibilities: We have been engaged in early-stage market development, inviting science and regulatory experts to present the strongest possible value proposition to both beverage and dietary supplement market channels.