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Greentech & Greensea  (France)

Pioneer in plant biotechnology, Greentech develops and produces for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields, high-tech active ingredients from plant, marine and microbial worlds. Greensea has 25 years’ experience in cultivating microalgae and the transformation of algae into innovative ingredients for several markets. Greensea is a division of Greentech, together with Biovitis, experts in micro-organisms and microbial derivatives of environmental, agronomic and alimentary value.




Brenner pharma/food responsibilities: We have initiated a number of development projects with both Greentech & Greensea. One is in the market for acquaculture, offering microalgae as a feed source in the growing of rotifers and larvae. Here, we have initiated a cooperation between Greensea and Phibro Aqua, a division of a global leader in animal health.


Greensea is growing and formulating a different microalgae source for two separate topical skin application projects, one for a medical device and another for pharma. These are projects initiated by pharma/food.


Greensea has perfected a procedure for production of Fluorescent ‎Pigments that serve as markers in the cutting-edge fields of Medical ‎Diagnostics, Molecular Biology and fluorescence techniques such as ‎Flow Cytometry.


Greentech recently completed important research and application work on Levan from Gan Shmuel.

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