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Aleph Farms  is addressing the increasing global need for protein in future decades, ‎especially as more consumers move into the middle-class, and the demand for ‎protein increases. We believe in the importance of protein to human well-being and ‎the critical role that animal protein will continue to play in nourishing the world for ‎the long-term. ‎


Aleph is ‘coming-of-age’ at a time when eco-agri-food systems are struggling with ‎challenges of worldwide ramifications: The dilemma of population growth and ‎hunger (10 Billion by 2050); the demographic transition dilemma and the role of ‎agricultural productivity (60% of global population urbanized by 2030);  how to ‎maintain or regenerate environmental integrity of the life-supporting services ‎provided by the ecosystems of our planet (25% of our food wasted, 60% increase in ‎food production required by 2050); and how to ensure that the ongoing ‎transformation of global food systems meet the nutritional requirements of ‎everyone (3 Billion overweight, 2 Billion undernourished).‎


‎Cell grown meat complements ten of the seventeen U.N. Sustainable Development ‎Goals (2015) targeted by governmental and non-governmental organizations, and ‎AgFood Tech initiatives, in recent years. Aleph Farms is not only a part, but a critical ‎partner in achieving these goals.‎


Aleph does not intend to ‘replace’ conventional meat industries, rather to ‎complement this industry by becoming the leading non-slaughtered cell grown meat ‎producer, with important nutritional properties, tasty and appealing to users ‎‎(consumers).‎

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