Gan Shmuel Group (Israel)

Established (1941) in Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, the Gan Shmuel Group merges two of Israel's largest citrus and fruit processors, offering numerous tailor-made quality products and high-quality finished, and semi-finished Juice, Concentrate & Not From Concentrate products.  Clientele includes leading global food and beverage manufacturers, bottlers, caterers and hotels. Gan Shmuel Foods Ltd. is publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Exchange TLV: GSFI

In recent years the Gan Shmuel R&D Team has utilized by-products from its natural fruit juices to develop important active ingredients for topical skin care & cosmeceutical applications. The first product launch is a bio-polymer produced by enzymatic treatment of sugar, called Levan.

Levan is natural humectant. It is a moisturizer & anti-aging ingredient; clinically researched to demonstrate efficacy & stability in formulations such as body creams, gels & lotions, face & eye creams, for UV-protection devices, and condition-specific anti-aging topical products. Unpublished safety and clinical studies on Levan are available upon request. 

First Levan customer targets in 2017-2018 include topical skin care, cosmetic and medical devices





INCI  name is “Levan”.  CAS No: 9013-95-0. Gan Shmuel's Levan is Kosher & Non-GMO.

Brenner pharma/food responsibilities: Working closely with the Gan Shmuel R&D Team to develop innovative ingredients which meet highest science & safety standards, and with management to implement a go-to-market strategy; Looking ahead to next generation of added value natural ingredients designed for nutritional health and cosmetic applications.