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Market Data Analyst joins pharma/food

January 2020

Brenner pharma/food is expanding its services to start-ups and mature companies by recruiting a market data analyst to prepare in-depth Business Intelligence analyses on potential markets for emerging technologies. Through our experience these last 10 years, we have concluded that senior management, directors and potential investors need to better understand the opportunities and threats ahead, for designing more reliable go-to-market strategies in the world of FoodTech and biotech.

Our reports will include among others:

· Overview describing the current state of your industry and where it is headed

· Analysis of market trends and behaviors

· Competitor analysis using a set selection of metrics

· Regulatory pathways, specific to each market target

The information will be based on a variety of data published in open sources, government and company reports, company publications, industry news as well as our network of industry insiders.

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