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What we do

Science, Technology, Marketing




  • The mission of our company is to bridge between science and business, focusing on the unmet needs of health and wellness industries.

  • Our experience ranges from  foods & beverages to dietary & meal supplements, cosmeceuticals, medical foods and botanical drugs, to animal feed & aquaculture.

  • We cooperate with both young & mature companies, and with start-ups, who have innovative products and/or technologies, to utilize our knowledge of market requirements for products combining good science and highest regulatory standards.

  • Our responsibilities includes going-to-market, implementing sales and building sustainable businesses based on a global network of strategic customers and distribution channels.

Gary Brenner

Gary has 30 years of experience in new business development, marketing and sales. He was a founder of Solbar (Israel), successfully building soy proteins & soy isoflavones businesses.


Yonatan Brenner

Yonatan studied at a culinary school in Tel Aviv, has cooked in a number of leading restaurants, and had his own bistro for a few years, before pivoting to the business world.  






  • Good science and innovative technologies are the foundations for any new product development, but they cannot stand alone.

  • A sustainable business model must integrate science & technology with safety & regulatory requirements, and strong intellectual property.

  • Whether the bio-active ingredient is for a food application or cosmetic skin care, it has to be formulated in a way that will be acceptable to consumers.  Even in animal feed and aquaculture the “consumer” is king.


  • We evaluate costs and pricing at an early stage of development, to be certain that the new product will be competitive in the market. We study the competitor landscape for existing or alternative ingredients.

  • We ‘test the waters’ with our strategic customers and business colleagues in the Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific and China. 

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